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Pharmaceutical rubber closures, also known as stoppers, are an important part of the final packaging of pharmaceutical preparations, particularly those that are intended to be sterile. Rubber Closures tightly packs the container to exclude oxygen , carbon dioxide , moisture etc.

Rubber Closures (Stoppers) provides a barrier between the neck of a vial and the vial contents and thus maintains sterility and prevents contamination.

It creates air- and fluid-proof seal in containers. Rubber Stoppers are available in Synthetic and Natural Polymers. They are available in Grey, Brown, Black, Blue and various other pharma code colors. Rubber Stoppers are available in sizes such as 13mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, and 32mm.


•    Closures maintain the sterility of parenteral pharmaceuticals and prevent ingress of contamination when a needle is inserted into a vial.
•    Keep the product secure from undesired premature opening
•    Provide a means of reclosing or reusing the container